Claim Process

NFA handles every detail of the claim, working closely with you to provide the most equitable and prompt settlement possible.

How Does the Process Work?

Did you know?

An insurance policy is often referred to as the
least-read bestseller. The technical language and complicated procedures people have to follow can make it difficult to comply with their policy’s terms.
At NFA, we consider it our primary job to help you understand the complex system you are forced to deal with.

Our Process

Experiencing a loss to your home or business is a difficult and stressful time. Many of our clients ask what the process includes and what steps are needed to settle their claim. Time frames vary depending on the kind and extent of your loss. However, NFA’s involvement will expedite the process.

1. Inspecting your loss site

Your NFA Adjuster will visit the loss site and make preliminary inspections, collect information, and assist in documenting the claim.

2. evaluating the loss and estimating its value

NFA Estimators will meet with you (often numerous times) to prepare their estimates of the financial extent of your loss. The process usually includes making detailed inventory lists, taking measurements and shooting more photographs.

3. Preparing your claim

Your NFA Adjuster and Estimators will compile the detailed components of your loss, including scope and pricing.

4. resolving issues and subsequent inspections

NFA Adjusters meet with the insurance company’s adjuster to identify and solve settlement value differences.

5. final reviews with the insurance company

With your approval, NFA resolves the claim with the insurance company and you maintain control throughout the entire process.

Throughout your loss settlement process:

  • NFA will be present at all meetings with the insurance company’s representatives.
  • If you are called by the insurance company representatives or asked for information, before responding, immediately let NFA know.
  • Your loss location is likely to be an emotional place. Do not throw anything away unless you are advised to do so by your National Fire Adjustment adjuster.

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